Initial Trainings of Justice Listeners

1. How can I become a judge?

Organic law of Georgia “On Common Courts” stipulates, that: „A competent citizen of Georgia of 30 years of age who has a higher legal education with at least a master’s or... more

2. Where is the judge’s qualification exam held and whom can I contact regarding this issue?

The judge’s qualification exam is organized by the High Council of Justice of Georgia. more

3. How can I get the status of Justice Listeners at the HSoJ?

Admission to the HSoJ as a Justice Listener takes place through competition which is organized by the High Council of Justice. A legally capable citizen of Georgia who has no previous conviction... more

4. What is the duration of the Initial Training of the Justice Listeners?

The duration of the Initial Training is 10 months. Duration of full training course is 6 months for the justice listeners who have worked as a head of structural subdivision of the High Council of... more

5. What are the stages of the Initial Training of the Justice Listeners?

Initial Training of the Justice Listeners includes three stages:  .... more

6. Do Justice Listeners pay for the Initial Training at the HSoJ?

Initial Training of the Justice Listeners is free of charge. The Justice Listener receives monthly scholarship from the State.  more

7. What is the amount of the scholarship received by the Justice Listeners?

Throughout the training course, a Justice Listener receives State scholarship, amount of which cannot be less than 1⁄4 of the minimum salary of a judge at the first instance court. more

8. Where does the Initial Training take place?

The training of Justice Listeners is conducted in Tbilisi. Theoretical course and Seminar wok is conducted at the head office of the HSoJ. The Justice Listeners usually do the internship at Tbilisi... more

9. Are the Justice Listeners obliged to attend the trainings daily and what is the duration of one training day?

 Justice listeners must attend the trainings daily which are conducted from 10:00 am to 18:00 pm more

10. Who are the trainers of the Justice Listeners?

Trainings for Justice Listeners are conducted by the HSoJ trainers who are selected by the Independent Board of the High School of Justice. Trainers are selected according to the field of law and/or... more

11. How is the Theoretical Course of Justice Listeners evaluated?

At the end of the Theoretical Part of the initial training, Justice Listeners sit for the test exam conducted in the written form or via the School’s web portal. The test exam consists of 100... more

12. How the obligatory internship of the Justice Listeners is evaluated?

An internship coordinator assesses the Justice Listener daily according to the points approved. At the end of the internship, internship coordinators develops recommendation (description of the... more

13. How the Seminar Work of the Justice Listeners is evaluated?

The instructor of Seminar Work develops a description form on each Justice Listener.  more

14. What is the format of the graduation exam of the Justice Listener?

Listeners are given criminal, civil or administrative cases from judicial practice. Listeners have to choose a case of one of the categories and write judicial decision on it. The graduation exam is... more

15. What happens if the Justice Listener could not pass successfully test exam of the theoretical course?

If the listener collects less than 60 points, he/she will be expelled from the School unconditionally. If the listener collects no less than 60 and no more than 74 points, he/she does not have the... more

16. What if the Justice Listener could not pass successfully the course graduation exam?

Graduation examination is considered passed if the listener collects minimum 85 points. The Listener have the right to submit a claim requesting the review of the results if he/she collects at least... more

17. What does the evaluation from the Independent Board of the School mean?

After the graduation exam, the Independent Board of the High School of Justice approves the qualification list as well as individual evaluations of the School graduates. Decision of the Independent... more

18. What kind of document is issued by the high School to the Justice Listener?

To the Justice Listener who is included into the Qualification List, the School issues a course completion certificate indicating that he/she completed training course and is included into the... more
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