In-service training of judges and court staff

1. For whom does the HSoJ conducts In-service (professional) trainings?

Aiming at professional development of judges and court staff, the HSoJ provides them with professional trainings during the year. The topics of the training changes each year and are based on the... more

2. How can I participate in the trainings announced by the HSoJ?

Registration to the training is conducted via the electronic web portal. Registration usually starts one month before the training session.  more

3. How many days does one In-service training session last?

As usual, the duration of the In-service trainings of the HSoJ is 1 to 4 days.  more

4. Who are the trainers/experts of the HSoJ?

The trainers of the HSoJ are Georgian as well as foreign highly qualified experts. The trainings are conducted by sitting as well as former judges and practicing lawyers. Non-legal issues are covered... more
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