General questions

1. What are the main programmes provided by the High School of Justice?

There are three main programmes provided at the High School of Justice. In Particular: Initial Training Program for Justice Listeners (Judicial Candidates); In-service Training Program for... more

2. Where can I find information about the programmes of the HsoJ?

You can find detailed information about the programs of the HSoJ our web-page, under the tab - “study programs”. more

3. Does the HSoJ provide courses which is open to participants not employed within the judicial system?

The HSoJ provides Special Course for the Court Staff (assistant to a judge, court secretary, and other courts staff). The course is also open for those employed outside the court system as well. more

4. Does the HSoJ provide study activities for law students and by whom are those activities conducted?

Since 2014, the HSoJ offers to law students periodic free public lectures on the most important topics in the field of law. The lectures are conducted by the trainers of the HSoJ - sitting... more

5. How can I participate in the study activities conducted for law students?

The HSoJ informs the administration of the higher educational institution about the time and venue of the planned lecture. You can register in the list of participants, which is then submitted to the... more

6. Is the study activates conducted for law students being broadcasted online and how can it be accessed?

The public lectures are broadcasted online on the official web-page ( and Facebook page of the HSoJ. In order to access you have to visit our web or Facebook page at time of public... more

7. How to request a public information and who is the person responsible for it?

In order to obtain public information, you have to submit a written application. You can also request public information in an electronic form via the website of the HSoJ. For this, you have to visit... more

8. When requesting a public information, to whom should I address my request form?

If you would like to submit a written request to us, you should address it to the director of the HSoJ more

9. Do you have training centres in other regions other then Tbilisi?

The HSoJ has regional training centers in Batumi and Tskaltubo.  more

10. Where is the library of the HSoJ located?

The library of the HSoJ is located at the head office of the Institution. Address: N19 nodar Bokhua Str., Tbilisi. more

11. Where can I find information about the HSoJ library resources?

You can find information about the HSoJ library resources either in the library catalog or look it through on the spot. In order to see a catalog, please, visit the tab - “LIBRARY” on our... more

12. Who can use the HSoJ Library?

The HSoJ library can be used by: ...   more

13. How can I become an intern at the HSoJ?

There are 2 opportunities to do an internship at the HSoJ: .... more
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