Initial Training of Judicial Candidates

10-month-long Initial Training Program for Judicial Candidates ensures deepening judicial knowledge and development of relevant skills essential for future judges.

The stages of 10-month-long Initial Training Program for Judicial Candidates are the following:

  • Theoretical Course - within the framework of 5-month-long theoretical course Judicial Candidates acquire thorough knowledge in all main branches of law as well as they learn necessary skills for judges such as judicial ethics, communication skills, etc. At the end of the theoretical course of the training, judicial candidates sit for the theoretical exam conducted in the test form.
  • Internship – during 4 months Judicial Candidates are assigned to judges of Tbilisi City Court (internship coordinator) and under his/her supervision works on real-life court cases. During the internship, Judicial Candidates are required to prepare various court documents, including court decisions. Internship is conducted in all three branches of law. Within the framework of internship, Judicial Candidates are evaluated daily and in the end of the internship personal evaluation is made.
  • Seminar Work lasts 1 month and its aim is to generalize the knowledge and experience received during the theoretical course and internship as well as to prepare Judicial Candidates for final exam. During Seminar Work Judicial Candidates are given daily assignments of a hypothetical case on which they conduct mock trials and draft judicial decisions. Seminar work, like internship, is organized in all three branches of law and each branch has its head of Seminar Work. At the end of the Seminar Work personal evaluations are made on each Judicial Candidate.
  • Final Examat the end of the 10-month-long course, Judicial Candidates have to read, analyze, and write a decision on a real-life case from the Georgian courts. The final exam assesses not only the level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills envisaged by the training program, but also the skills of drafting high quality judgments in a short period of time.

After completing all stages, Judicial Candidate receives qualification number and evaluation from the Independent Board of the High School of Justice. 

Initial Training Program for Judicial Candidates (Group XIII)

This program was made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents are the responsibility of The High School of Justice and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID, the United States Government, or implementing partner.